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Micronutrient powders (MNP) are single-dose packets containing multiple vitamins and minerals in powder form that can be sprinkled onto any semi-solid food. We have our own brand known as NutriSupple which is Micro Nutrient Powder. Multiple Vitamin and Mineral supplements composition for pregnant and lactating women, and for children aged 6 to 59 months as per UNICEF* designed to provide the daily recommended intake of each nutrient (one RNI).


When it is useful?

These are very useful when fortification of cereal flour cannot be done or when it is inadequate.

How to use the Micronutrient Powder?

One sachet per person or as recommended is sprinkled on home prepared food can also be used in school feeding programmes that provide a hot meal to children.

Nutritional value:

One individual sachet provides the daily intake of 16 vitamins and mineral for one person.

Benefits of Micro Nutrients Powder Supplements:

Micro Nutrients based Supplements when used with any cooked food, helps in prevention of various disorders found in children's which are caused by deficiency of vitamins and minerals.

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