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Manisha Pharmo Plast Pvt. Ltd. has an ISO 9001 : 2008; ISO 22000: 2005; GMP; HACCP certified plant operations.


We use jacketed stainless steel mixing and holding vessels, kettles, pumps, filters and other specialized equipment. We also have resources to purchase & install specialized new equipment to meet virtually any customer requirement. We have complete Infrastructure for manufacturing, filling & packing(including sleeving etc. if required) of products.

Manufacturing Plants:

Manisha’s manufacturing is designed to achieve speed with GMP compliant quality and to meet customers need with a mindset of cost effectiveness, flexibility and practicality.

Customized Production:

Our manufacturing  facility is designed keeping in mind to provide customized  production services to the Multinational customers (MNCs). We  can provide  complete  production and packaging  solution  from our facility.

Quality Compliance:

We place heavy emphasis on quality control at all stages of the manufacturing process. Raw Materials are approved by the Quality Control Unit  before it is transferred to  the manufacturing area. Each product batch is inspected thrice in the mix tank, in the hold vessel & during packaging. Documentation is kept  to ensure  conformity to customer’s specification.


Manufacturing Locations:

We have 2 main production Unit locations in India:

- Umbergaon in Gujarat (150 km from Mumbai) &
-  Haridwar (200 km from Delhi)

Umbergaon: Our strategic location in Umbergaon is near to the major sea and air ports. This plant is ideal for the contract manufacturing for exporters as it is situated near the western part of India. Mumbai is just 140 Kms from Umbergaon this make it ideal for product development and product distribution and catering to Western & Southern Indian region.

Haridwar: Our Haridwar Unit is situated in the Special Economic Zone of Haridwar. This is more suited for serving to the Northern Indian Markets. Haridwar is located at the foothills of the Himalayan mountain ranges

The state is close to the National Capital Region (NCR) of Delhi, a leading market of the country. It also has excellent connectivity with the neighbouring states of Utter Pradesh, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana.

With both these facilities we can cater to the pan India needs.

Our Head Office is strategically located in Mumbai the commercial capital of India.


Manufacturing Infrastructure for MNP:

Incoming RM Inspection

Quality Passed RM Storage

Raw Material Blender

FFS Packing Machines

QC Inspection

Quality Passed FG Storage


Manufacturing Infrastructure for Nutritional Co-packing:

Incoming Packaging Material Storage

Quality Passed RM Storage

Raw Material Blender

Packing Area

QC Inspection

Quality Passed FG Storage


Manufacturing Facilities
Contract Manufacturing

Nutritional Supplements
Body Powder/Prickly Heat Powders Co-packing
Manufacturing Locations

Corporate Office:
Manisha Pharmo Plast Pvt. Ltd.
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